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The brooding, atmospheric deep-house track boasts warm bass lines and progressive beats, which perfectly compliment Camille Safiya’s strikingly soulful vocals, and the fresh music video is a visual compliment to the aural sensation. Starring Christine Donlon (‘Entourage’ 2015, ‘Indigo Children’ 2012) and Eric Michael Cole (‘Gia’ 1998, ‘White Squall’ 1996), this surreal video captures the raw emotion of a deteriorating relationship through the eyes of a girl who is choosing to erase memories of her lover. As the world starts to crumble and warp, her man races against time and the doctors who are vacuuming his every trace from her head. A cinematic interpretation of ‘Fearing Love’, the video will leave viewers in a state of enigmatic wonderment.

“It’s such a rewarding process to see something go from nothing into something that ties together with the music and lyrics… It feels amazing when you can touch people not only with the music, but with the entire audio and video composition...­­ After looking for the right concept for a while, I finally found something that had an edge and intensity - something emotionally engaging and relatable.” – Serge Devant

Since the 90’s, Serge Devant has been honing his craft at legendary nightclubs, such as Tunnel, Limelight and Crobar in New York. In 2008, he signed a deal with Ultra Records and released two albums. After releasing his first album in 2009, featuring the huge original single, ‘Addicted’ (feat. Hadley), Serge began touring the world and building a name for himself across the globe. Coming from hiphop, r&b and jazz roots, Camille Safiya made her first venture into the world of dance music with her feature on ‘Fearing Love’. After hearing her voice, Serge instantly fell in love with it, and a couple of weeks later they recorded the track.

The fusion of Devant and Damiano’s festival groove, Safiya’s stirring vocals and Deml’s mystifying accompanying film work makes for a composite that is one of the most elaborate and artistic works to come out of the dance scene recently. With live sets this summer and the hope of more creative upcoming tracks and videos, Serge Devant’s musical and artistic reinvention is proving to be a turning point in his career, leading him down a path to be one of the most imaginative and refined producers in the industry today.