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OUT NOW! JOiO - Two Colors (Remixes) EP

OUT NOW!  JOiO - Two Colors (Remixes) EP

«Two Colors» is a special song in JOiO’s repertoire. It is this song that perfectly reflects the band’s mood, style and philosophy. Besides it was the first track that hit Russian, Baltic, European and even US radio stations, and it is always sung an encore at live shows.


«We love this song a lot, - says the band’s frontman Roman Kusmin. – We see various sides in it, that’s why we were experimenting with arrangements and ultimately made a conceptual black & white video».


But experimenting hasn’t stopped then and now it’s time for «Two Colors» remixes by the best Russian DJs – dj Antonio, Ivan Roudyk and dj Axl & Konstantin. All the remixes are different in style but up-to-date and interesting in sound.


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